Will I go back…?

Tearing myself away from my potential puppy, I had to drive the forty miles home. It was an increasingly noisy journey with the clutch protesting loudly every time I needed to change gear. I didn’t know if I would make it home and I was very glad to say the least,  when I finally pulled onto the driveway.

I love my car, it’s not worth much in monetary terms, but to me, it’s priceless. Basically a dog-mobile, an aged Volvo, V40, it’s never let me down, well not badly, anyway. The brake pipes did leak the majority of brake fluid onto the road a few years ago meaning I had no brakes whatsoever, but I’d just pulled off the motorway and was going up hill towards some traffic lights when I discovered the potentially fatal problem. Thank God for travelling up hill at that moment in time and for no other traffic to be around. It could have been nasty.

Despite the expense of a replacement clutch, I couldn’t be cross. We had driven 212,000 miles with the original clutch. Not bad going. Apparently that means I drive very well. I don’t know, I just drive as I drive…mostly in straight lines, and as fast (and accurately) in reverse as I can going forwards…a skill I wish more people I meet driving down single track country lanes possess…

I needed to talk to someone about the afternoon’s events. I had very recently become good friends with one of my neighbours. Annemarie is the Treasurer of the village choir I had joined just a few weeks before, as their pianist. I say ‘I had joined’ but Chandi had also joined as the deal was that she also had to come to rehearsals. The only thing she ever asked of me was not to leave her on her own. In truth, it was more me than her, in her latter years that suffered from separation anxiety. Having her constantly by my side gave me confidence. We were ‘Tina and Chandi’, had been for many years, and she made me special.

I knocked on Annemarie’s front door and then remembered there was a doorbell. Well, actually two. Hmmm…. which to ring? Both. Expecting the door to open, I was taken-a-back when an upstairs window was flung open and Annemarie waved and told me she’d be down in a minute as she was just Skyping her daughter who was away studying at University.

After relaying the events of the afternoon and talking about how I was feeling and all that kind of overly emotional stuff, and shedding a few tears, along with a bit of over-thinking on my part, it was decided that I should get the pup. I felt that I wanted to, but after discussing it, I was more certain… but of course, not completely certain. That would have been too simple…and for me, quite out of character…

There was one small problem though. I didn’t have a roadworthy car. Just as she had ten days previously, Annemarie came to my rescue and volunteered to drive me back to the farm on her day off – Bank Holiday Monday, May 6. I am so grateful to have such a wonderful friend. Looking back, I do wonder if things would have turned out differently if she hadn’t have been with me when we next went to the farm…

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