Any progress…?

Today I showed Gracie how she could ‘take a bow’. It took her a few seconds to understand what I was asking of her. This video was filmed after roughly twenty seconds of introducing the idea to her. You can see that even though my hand is in hovering in position to encourage her not to lie down, I am not having to touch her:


This week I have been working mainly with Grace on building up her skipping. This rather difficult movement is coming along incredibly well, bearing in mind that ten days ago she’d never even tried it!

We have also been working on naming her back legs and perfecting lifting them on cue. I swear she works on her own as the improvement from each training session to the next is terrific!


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2 Responses to Any progress…?

  1. Terrie Palmer says:

    WOW, very impressive, can’t wait for what she does next.

  2. Lynn Blacker and Skye blu says:

    So inspiring, Tina! In fact I took out your manual and worked with Skye for awhile. I truly wish there was a good teacher here in Boise for freestyle. However, watching your progress is a good lesson for me.

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