Monday morning fun and games …

During this morning’s training session we started working on some new ideas. Grace was keen to have a go at everything. I love the way she responds by trying even harder when I encourage her!

Here she is learning ‘Twizzle’ (backing round me starting from my right hand side) for the first time. She’s not doing too badly! Breaking up the session by doing some other moves she’s more familiar with helps boost her confidence and keeps things interesting.

I also introduced her to a cane and the idea of holding it with each foot in turn. This was a move Chandi and I introduced years ago – 2000 I think – which is now copied the world over. It’s a great move!
Her she is having a go for the first time:

And the second attempt:

At one point she was holding it so tightly, I couldn’t get the stick off her! Fabulous!

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