An old soul…

I am completely in love with Gracie-Anne-Banana-Pancake…she is special. Wonderfully, gloriously special. I watch her learning and I see Chandi. I am entrusted with these beautiful souls while they are on earth and all I do is show them possibilities…show them their own unique talents…

Grace is an old soul. She is Grace, in every sense of the word and name. She isn’t just moving her legs, each movement is positively balletic! Or, maybe I’m so besotted with her that only I can see it … what do you think?

This is Grace’s first try at crossing her paws. Her first time in this life anyway …

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1 Response to An old soul…

  1. Lynn Blacker and Skye blu says:

    Good job there Gracie! Skye blu learned the cross paws from the picture of Tina and Chandi. Really a crowd pleaser.

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