Moves and more moves…

A small collection of the latest moves Grace is working on, including another that Chandi and I invented – hugging cane with each front foot in turn. Chandi’s mastery of ‘paw work’ was legendary. She made it look so easy; Grace is doing the same.
Grace has decided she wishes to rest her chin on my foot when she bows.  Every time she does so, it brings tears to my eyes…


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3 Responses to Moves and more moves…

  1. rhiangwilt says:

    She’s doing so well! Amazing Grace. x

  2. Lynn Blacker and Skye blu says:

    Trying to keep up with little Gracie!!!!! Gracie looks so good and extremely attentive, Tina

  3. Edielee says:

    I love seeing your videos Tina…please keep them coming. I am amazed at how Grace is progressing. and just how in tune to you she is. She…and yourself are both amazing XX

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