Puppy heelwork …


I loved to do heelwork with Chandi – she loved it too. It was obvious from her body language and attitude. Heelwork is one of my favourite things and I think Grace is starting to think it’s fun!
I have to remind myself that she is still very much a baby, but I am so delighted with her skills,  attention and attitude.
It is difficult to maintain the correct position on the turns – more so when we turn left as Grace has work really hard to keep her shoulder next to my leg. Despite the difficulty, she is getting the hang of it – slightly wide at the start of the video, but then much better during other tries.

Not only are working on heelwork when Grace is on my left, but we are also working a little with Grace on my right. Again, I am pleased with her progress. No, scratch that… amazed with her progress!

However, walking backwards is a work in progress – we really haven’t done much on it at all…but we will….



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