The stuff dreams are made of ….

I love dancing! Well maybe I should rephrase that ….. I love watching people dancing and wish I had learned to dance. I’m an avid watcher of anything dance-related, but my favourite show has to be Sky 1’s extravaganza, Got To Dance.

All styles of dance are represented and perhaps the most revolutionary idea is that the three judges all perform in their own  incredible and  individual style during one of the live shows.

So the Final of this year’s Got To Dance happened last night and I was glued to the TV. But this year was different…..
During the audition shows, a man and a young lad had walked on stage, performed and got a fantastic reception from audience and judges alike. Watching I thought something was familiar about the man ….. but it wasn’t until he was asked his name and replied ‘Tobias Mead’, that things clicked into place.

Back in 2010 when Chandi and I reached the final of Britain’s Got Talent and then performed on the BGT tour, there was a solo dancer on the show, who also reached the final, called ….yes, you guessed it, Tobias Mead!
I was absolutely thrilled to see him and to see that he was still pursuing his dream, and doubly thrilled to see him and his dance partner, Jak, make it to the live final of Got To Dance.

Even though I know absolutely nothing about dancing, even I could see the standard of this year’s competition was phenomenal. My favourite finalists were Kaine a 15 year old Contemporary dancer that brought tears to my eyes; Bitter Harvest a professional ballet duo who had come out of retirement to enter the competition; and of course, ‘Duplica8’ – Tobias and Jak.

Both Duplic8 and Bitter harvest made it the top three of the competition and performed again…..I wanted duplic8 to win….but the competition was so tough…
The results took ages to be announced but when they were, Duplic8 had won! A quarter of a million pounds better off and a chance at the ‘new life’ Tobias dreamed of, had just become a reality.

I was in shock hearing the winner announced as Duplic8 and I am still in shock! I could not be more delighted for Tobias and Jak – in fact I wouldn’t be any happier if I’d won the competition myself.

First thing this morning I sent a barrage of Twitter direct messages to Tobias to congratulate him. Winning is not something he is taking for granted, he understands that he was part of the winning act because of the hours of dedicated hard graft he has put in over so many years; becuase people bothered to pick up the phone, spend their cash and vote for him; and because he has been building up a strong fan-base. His Twitter message to everyone who voted last night was heartfelt and touching wanting everyone to know how thankful he was for all the votes and how his life is now changed and his dream has come true.

The moral of the story? It pays to keep dreaming and pursuing that dream, no matter how many times doors are slammed in your face, or how you  get a taste of the life of which you dream, only for it to be snatched away.

For some at least, dreams really do come true.



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  1. monique says:

    Well Tina,start dancing,it is never to late.I myself started at the age of 55,flamencodance,and at this moment at 61 i still do.So what are you waiting for?

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